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Australian Subscription Boxes

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Welcome to the ultimate guide to Subscription Boxes in Australia!

Subscription boxes are a relatively new concept here in Australia, but wow are they cool. You can get stacks of different products each month for one small monthly fee. What better way to try new products, or maybe give someone a gift that’s a little different!

In this guide you’ll find out:

  • What are subscription boxes exactly?
  • Beauty Boxes & Boxes for Women
  • Boxes for Guys
  • Boxes for Children
  • Boxes for Babies
  • Eco Friendly Boxes
  • Food and Drink boxes
  • Pet Boxes
  • Fitness and Health Boxes
  • Adult Boxes

We hope you enjoy and find something great for yourself or as a gift!

What are subscription boxes?

Subscription boxes can be understood within the context of subscription commerce. They are basically product offers that customers regularly receive, containing products and free samples. These boxes usually have sample products that the company has pre-selected. The products may include small samples and full size samples. The boxes are grouped into themes or categories such skincare and beauty products, baby and toddler products, health-related items, and food products.

In most cases, customers cannot choose the contents of the boxes. Only a handful of companies offer subscription boxes that can be customized based on the preferences of the customers but the range of options are still limited.

Customers may choose to pay recurring fixed payments or pay on per item basis. In most cases, however, a fixed monthly subscription fee is required. Additional fees are added on top of the fixed rate if there are additional purchases.

There are three models of subscription boxes based on the products being offered and the frequency of purchases. Companies may also include coupons and other promotional materials in the boxes.

The first type is based on the replenishment model. Consumers that regularly need replenishment of specific products such as diapers, razor blades, contact lenses, etc.

The second type is based on the “collector” model wherein the consumers receive different or new lines of the same product. For example, customers may subscribe to a shoe company that may regularly supply new pairs of shoes every two months.

Finally, the third subscription model is the sampling model. As the name suggests, companies utilize this marketing model to send product samples to prospective buyers in the hope that they will like the products and become loyal consumers. This direct marketing method has the dual purposes of introducing new products and encouraging consumers to endorse the products to others through word of mouth, making the campaign viral.