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10 Moroccan Oil uses

Moroccan oil has two main categories of uses, namely, for culinary purposes and cosmetic applications. Morrocan oil is otherwise known as Argan oil and popularly known as “Liquid Gold”. This oil is derived from argan tree (Argania spinosa L.), which is a species that is endemic to Morocco.

16 uses for Bio Oil

Bio-Oil is one of the most popular dermatological products that is commercially available without the need for prescription. It is a skincare product that was developed to treat scars and stretch marks.

25 uses for Hydrogen Peroxide

One of the most common and safest antiseptic is hydrogen peroxide. It is a unique germicidal agent for being the only of its kind that is composed of only water and oxygen. It kills microorganisms in a similar manner that ozone kills, which is through oxidation. Despite its lethal effectiveness against bacteria and other microorganisms, it is considered to be the most safe natural sanitizer in the world. It is still toxic to humans if ingested in large quantities but can easily be neutralized.

50 awesome uses for Coconut Oil

If water is commonly considered as the universal solvent and as the fluid of life, cooking oil is oftentimes considered as a panacea and a highly versatile of substance. Its applications range from cosmetics to hygiene, from food to medicine. Coconut oil is best known as a cooking oil in the Southeast Asian region. It is commonly used in frying, baking and as ingredient in whipped topping.

53 genius uses for Baking Soda

Baking powder is not only useful in baking. It has many other practical uses that might surprise you. You will not only save money but also avoid toxic products by using baking powder as substitute. Baking powder has a wide range of applications that include house cleaning and medicinal applications.

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ANZ Internet Banking

ANZ Internet Banking Login and useful links guide. All you need to know about your ANZ Internet Banking login and more. Plus Win $2000.

Bank of Melbourne

The internet banking service of the Bank of Melbourne is an optional service for bank clients, not only for depositors but also for credit cardholders and borrowers. The accessibility of the various services vary depending on the type of account. For instance, automatically paying recurring bills via BPay is accessible to those with savings account with the Bank of Melbourne but not for those with other types of accounts.

Bank SA

Commercially known as BankSA, the bank of South Australia is the biggest financial institution in South Australia. It is also the largest mortgage financer in the state. It offers a variety of home loans such as low documentation loan, portfolio loan (up to 90% of the home value) and business owner’s loan. Monitoring and paying for mortgage and other loans can be conveniently managed online using the online banking services.

Bankwest Online Banking

Once you have opened an account with Bankwest, you will be issued your own Bankwest online banking logon details, which will be sent via email and SMS. You can use these details to access your account. You need to provide your personal secure number and your “secure code”.